Spaying-What you Should Know
Spaying is a routine surgery that not only provides a way to control the unwanted pet population but...
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Pet Health Insurance

If you are considering adding a pet to your family or already have a pet it could be worth your while and that of your pet to consider pet insurance as an option. While this may sound like a new idea, it has in fact been around for the last two decades are so. Many people still remain unaware of the idea of pet insurance because it has been somewhat limited in the past.

The good news is that there have been tremendous changes in the last few years that have made the idea of pet insurance a good option for many pet owners. In fact, many pet owners find they are able to provide better levels of care for their pets than they would ordinarily be able to do without it. If you’re still not sure whether pet insurance is a good option for you, be sure to consider both the advantages and the disadvantages.

When considering pet insurance you should know that health care policies are quite similar to health care policies in that it involves premiums and deductibles as well as various coverage plans which are based on the options selected by the owner. Plans can be based on many different factors including age of the pet, pre-existing conditions, species as well as the lifestyle of the pet. The latter could be affected by whether the animals is indoor or outdoor and how active they happen to be.

For the most part, you can usually start a policy on your pet beginning at around age six to eight weeks. You should know that while some policies impose no age limitations there are some policies that do set age limits. If you have a pet which may live a long life be sure to take this into consideration.
Pre-existing conditions may also vary depending on the company you select. In some cases the company may allow the condition if it is controlled and the animal is in stable condition. A waiting period, such as six months, may apply; however. Other companies are not as lenient, particularly if the animal has a terminal disease.

While annual deductibles can vary, much like with human health insurance, the typical deductible for pet health insurance runs around $100. You can typically expect policy costs to vary as well. This cost may depend on factors such as whether or not you choose comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive package will commonly include annual checkups and vaccinations as well as preventive medications and routine care as well as neuter/spay procedures. A less comprehensive package will only cover instances of illness and accidents.
You should always be sure to ask about the time rate for claims. Typically immediate coverage is available for accident claims while illness claims on new policies may involve a 30 day wait.

If you think pet health insurance may be a good option for you, be sure to ask your vet about possible policies. You can usually get a reduced rate after the first pet you have covered under a policy for additional pets added to the policy. If you decide pet health insurance isn’t right for you there may be other options available as well, such as discount programs that allow you to save up to a certain percentage on various veterinarian services. While not an insurance program, per se, it can help you to save quite a bit of money on routine services.

Options such as pet health insurance can make the financial responsibility of providing routine, preventative and emergency care a much more feasible and affordable reality for caring for your beloved pet.
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